Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mascot-tan: Update!

A small update on Mascot-tan: the designs for the last two RPG girls (Twenty-tan and Story-tan) are complete. I'll be making some minor revisions to the game, not to mention making the descriptions of the RPG Girls match the illustrations better, and putting up a snazzy, with-art-and-everything final version of the game in a PDF whenever I get around to it. I've made some good progress on Thrash 2.0, but it turns out I have a little more to go on that freelance translation work I was doing, so RPG stuff goes on a brief hiatus once again. TT3TT




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Blogger Ewen said...

The other three (Mascot-tan-tan, Generic-tan, and Platinum-tan) are pretty freaky too. A piece by this same artist friend of mine is going to be in the new version of S. John Ross' Uresia no less. :3

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